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Monday, July 16, 2012

Special Project - The Planning

Many of the people that I know also know that I have a few crafty abilities. Often here or there I get asked for a baby gift here or there, or a camera strap, a scarf, I got a request over the weekend that was something different and was also quite touching.

I said yet before I knew I was getting into of course because I come from a place of "yes", and now I'm even more excited about it.

What can I tell you about this project? A friend's mother-in-law was a crochet gifter, who had made a blanket for and her husband, one for her daughter and had started one for her son while she was sick with cancer. The blanket never got finished but the finished piece has been sitting with my friend since then.

I am charged with the challenge of making it into a finished product. Since I do not know how to crochet and I'm sure this is not the project to learn on, I'm going to knit.

The top picture is what I have to work with, and the bottom one is the colours and stitching I have chosen. I went with a seed stitch to give it the texture that "grandma's piece" would have. While I've only gotten though a few rows, as you know seed stitch is a little harder on the wrists so this might be one that needs to be worked on in shifts.

This is what I'm thinking for the finished product, with the piece that I was given in the middle and the rest worked around it. I'm going to bind off the dark blue but continue the sides, and work a hole like to use to attach the middle. Or that's what I'm thinking. It may be different once I get there.

I am just more than honoured that my friend would ask me to finish this for her, to finish a memory for her son that he will have forever. Something to remember his grandmother, something to wrap himself in, something to grow into.

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