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Thursday, April 26, 2012

How involved do you get?

There is always a delima of how involved to you get? In anything really, but at the moment for me it is how involved do I get in my school's parent council? I have been going to the meetings for the better part of almost two years and now that my guy will be moving to grade 1 I want to be able to show him that we should be involved in his school life more.

But how much is too much? Is there such thing as too much and how do you navigate the system of moms who have been there longer, done more and created a circle? I am a well educated woman who has a professional job and I feel that I have something to offer. I believe that I am well spoken and would represent the school, our parents and our students well. But how far do you go to prove yourself if people are not willing to take you at face value? Any suggestions? Are you on your school's parent council? What are they doing well? What role have you taken within it?

Work life of course is going well and I have been able to start some blogging there as well so come and visit me over there at You can't help but love being around things like this when you stop into the office.

So cute. I have yet to foster anything, and each time I'm in the staff remind me of that, or ask me "haven't you taken anything home yet?" Even the boys ask me when I'm bringing something home, today William would like a kitten, likely the one that I named after him yesterday who was already adopted before I got back to take his picture for my little man to see.

Do you support your local SPCA? I'd love to hear those stories, right after you are done giving me advice on the parent council issue!

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Anonymous said...

I have found that parent councils are very "clic-y" these days. At the school my kids go to, you have to be voted in by the other parents, so if you're not part of their group, you don't get in. The way I have found around that is to volunteer specifically for things in my own kids' classes... That way I am still involved with their school, and get directly involved with them at school, but don't have to jump through the hoops to part of the "in-crowd" of the parent council.