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Friday, February 3, 2012

Back in action . . . but changes are a foot.

I'm not sure what happened to January, when I looked at the blog the other day I had to take a second peek to see if it was really true that I had not posted in January 4th!

So much has happened, so here's the recap!

Helped with my first birth as a doula (although still training and still studying), what an experience it was, brave mommy Sam and little baby Duncan really gave me a day and night I will never forget.

The boys have been having lots of winter fun with Daddy outside (Mommy is not an outside girl in the winter, too many memories of freezing while snowmobiling with my parents when I was younger).

And the last big news of the month, was that I have resigned from my current fund development position with the Alzheimer's Society and will be starting on February 14th raising much needed money for our local SPCA. I'm really excited about the change, it comes at a great time and while I will miss the amazing crew where I am now, I'm sure that I will find an equally amazing crew at my new place!

Oh P.S. it might actually be my new addicitions to Pintrest and Instagram that is keeping me away from the blog . . . . I'll do better I promise.

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