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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Zoo

No we did not buy one but my house feels like one these days. Too many days off for little boys who enjoy their routine. Drew is currently sporting a cut on his eyebrow that he sustained while riding his brother around the living room. In return the next morning William came to me with his finger bleeding because his 20 month old brother had attacked his hand with tongs! Come on now, you can't even make this up, and it's not like they are unsupervised, but who thinks that you can almost loose a finger to meat tongs at the hands of a toddler.

The cure for all our ails at the moment . . .

Auntie Julie cookies. After posting this on Facebook as my picture of the day I figured out that just about every culture has this cookie but calls it something different. I call them Auntie Julie cookies, we get them at Christmas and Easter and that's it. Always stacked high in a clear plastic bag with a twist tie. Give the boys one of these and everything seems to be alright . . . for a moment or two.

My salvation . . .

Could it really have been anything else??

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