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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My first "client" . . . introducing Sam.

This is Sam, and in her lovely belly is Baby Duncan. Not only did I get to do this amazing photoshoot with Sam, her partner Duncan and the growing one, I am also going to support Sam during her labour as her doula.

I've done almost all my reading and of couse what I need now is some practical experience, and Sam was willing to offer me that. She is a barista at my Starbucks so needless to say she knows be quite well and I'm thrilled at the chance to help her out.

She and Duncan are excited but of course nervous as well, as a young couple of course it's a daunting thought to bring a human into the world, I thought it was and was well onto thirity by the time I had my first.

Baby Duncan is due to make his arrival sometime around or after January 9th, I'm preparing her to go over but that's the thing about babies, they really do call the shots. I'm extremely proud of the homework that she's doing, she's decided (all of this in a perfect world of course) to delay cord clamping, to try her best to breastfeed, and for immediate skin-to-skin contact with the babe.

It's interesting how much is not told to new parents about the importance of the decisions she's made above, and I'm glad to be able to have given her some knowledge and informed choice when it came down to it. And while I'm hoping she gets through this without an epidural, she's planning on one and I will support her. Truly I also hope that I will be able to draw her partner Duncan into the process, gently and without force, to a position that he will be able to support her as well.

This story will continue . . . .

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