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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heartbreaking Holiday

I took this picture at an industrial photoshoot back in the summer, and it kinda fits the story that is going through my head today. How do you build back something out of nothing?

William attends before and afterschool care through the YMCA, and one of his Y teachers and her family have suffered a devistating house fire. They got out (she, her husband and their two teenage children), but they lost everything including their pets. The thought of it anytime of the year would call me to action of course but this time of the year more than ever.

I put out a notice to all the parents who use the before and aftershcool program asking them to help us give a little something back. Where to start is the biggest, when you've lost everything, everything has to be replaced. Here is a woman who gives to our children each and every day and I just hope that the spirit of the season is enough to show her that our community cares. I'll keep you posted, and in the meantime hug your loved ones, and look around your home and be thankful that it is there. 

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