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Friday, December 2, 2011

I found it! My hometown.

That's my hometown, Erieau! Don't know where it is? Many people don't. It's a tiny little fishing village on Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario. My parents had taken us there as kids almost each weekend in the summer as we had a boat. It was about 15 minutes from where we had our house in Charing Cross, (an even smaller village!).

When I was in grade 8 or so my parents bought a cottage there, with access to the Bay and we spent from May to October there each year, funny because who has a cottage 15 minutes away from their real home. The only thing it meant was taking a different bus to school.

I will have to look up some pictures to post, but it's lovely, under 400 people, even less in the winter when the cottagers have all gone home. I spent summers working at the marina in the store while my friend Neal worked outside at the docks helping put boats in. It's quaint and lovely and when I find the pictures I will post more about it.

So the reason I'm so excited was I bought some of the Hometown canvas made of course by the lovely and talented ladies at Sweetwater, and found Erieau! I had submitted it when they had their little call out and didn't think much of it, until I was looking at the fabric today. Sadly the only problem is that I had bought it to makea gift for someone and now I don't want to use it . . . what to do????

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Beatriz said...

Don´t give it away. Use it in a project for yourself ´cause it will mean more to you than to anybody else.