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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A project of preservation

There are always things that catch my eye that I think "that looks easy, I could do that" and it seems to be happening to me a lot lately. That long with the feeling of envy when I see a really neat thing in someone else's home or in a magazine that sets a space apart.

My kitchen walls have nothing to do with my kitchen and that's going to change. I am in the process of trying to change that, and this is my start. Taking the recipies that my grams wrote out for me and sent along with letters that she's written to me over the years and making them into wall art. My first one, although the title says "frosty strawberry squares", in our house it's call "strawberry dessert" and grams only makes it once a year, Christmas time.

Since neither of my parents will be around for the holidays this year, each headed their seperate ways to someplace warm, the chances of me getting my dessert are nill. Hopefully getting it up onto my wall will make me feel better. I'm debating having it printed on to a canvas already stretched or onto a fabric and framing it that way? Any thoughts?

Here's what it looks like all ready to eat!

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