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Monday, November 21, 2011

William's Amazing School

I feel quite lucky to live where we do for many different reasons, but one of them is the school that William goes to. Ryerson Heights Elementary School is one of a few in Canada who have implemented the Leader in Me Program. They teach the children from JK on how to be leaders, and each month they have a different habit that they work on.

This morning we were invited an assembly that the JKs and SKs were having. They are short, fun, they dance and sing, they hear from older students within the school about how they are using the habit that the school is promoting that month. The best part is that there were at least four rows of parents there. Some were there because their children were getting "Believe" awards, and others, like myself where there because having access to the school in this manner is important to us.

The principal Mrs. V., is dynamic and I know from being part of the PTA this year that she cares about this school and her students in a way that amazes me. She wants every student in her school to succeed, and does her best through her own leadership to make that happen. Her passion to carry out this program on top of the regular curriculum has elevated the school to heights that no one could imagine, including having a group of principals and educators from the Netherlands come visit our school last week to learn more about our kids and how this programs works. AMAZING!

This months habit, Begin in the End in Mind. Humm how can I start using that in my own life?

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