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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mama said there'd be days like this!

Yes I'm aware that "there'd" might not be a word, but it's what the song says right? Sing it to yourself . . . I'll wait. Yep it's "there'd" isn't it. I'm sure mama is right but I'm not sure she knew these days would be in November.

It is so fun to watch these two interact now. There is so much "monkey see, monkey do", sometimes it's the little man wanting to be big and sometimes it's the big man acting little. I just hope that these smiles are still on their faces when they are 14 and 18!

I also got a chance to have some fun with my macro lense attachment tonight as well.

There's nothing quite like a summer-like fall day. I feel more, I see more and I need to cherish it because all too soon that snow is going to hit, I'm not going to want to get out of bed, and I will have forgotten how fun today was.

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Lee MacInnis said...

That was a nice post! Fantastic pictures! It was such a beautiful day.