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Monday, November 7, 2011

Buzzing . . .

There are things I like and then there are things that I love, and if you're reading this, you are held hostage to me telling you about the things that I love. Today . . . Mabel's Labels.

I'm not sure I fully apprecaited these labels of all sorts until William started  school. Especially since in his daycare on his off days and his classroom last year there was another William! Who knew, we thought it wasn't that common of a name. So I bought in. There are a few things that I adore about them . . . I can put them through the dishwasher a million times, they can hang out in the rain, and they actually fit our last name on them!

Oh wait, and they are CANADIAN! Right close to me in Hamilton. There are some smart mamas working over there so I signed up to become a Buzzmama and get the word out. I love smart moms, I love MOMpreneurs, and we all love things that make our lives easier!

And my first purchase, the stocking stuffer combo, I managed to get for both my boys, and my nieces and nephew for $30, can't beat it. Head on over, tell them I sent you and tell me what you bought . . . Humm . . . what will my next purchase be??

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