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Friday, February 18, 2011

tot.ful mem.o.ries

Hard to believe but Baby Drew is turning one in just over a month. Not only am I in denial because I have to go back to work, find him daycare and leave him every day, but also because William had such a great 1st birthday party that I want Andrew to have the same.

Enter tot.ful mem.o.ries and Tania.

 Now I tag myself a creative person, but seriously just look at this photo! This is the work of a lady who knows what she is doing.

In her own words "I'm a 30yo! ouch :) but a lot has happened in those years so I proud of every one of them. I have a wonderful husband and two fabulous little boys, three and one. I work as an elementary teacher by day and a party making mama at night! You see, I do all my tot.ful mem.o.ries work in the evening after all my boys have gone to sleep. This evolving venture of mine is an absolute labour of love."

Bonus points because she's from Vancouver, a part of my home and native land (although a part that I have yet to see). She is an elementary school teachers who makes these amazing packages which I consider works of art while her boys are sleeping at night, making a hobby into something that can be used by others, something that is unique, special and best of all personalized. Can it get any better? Let me show you another photo.

Tania has been great working back and forth with me on the theme that I had in my head for Andrew's party. With colours and I liked, and designs that I found not only cute, but stylish as well. She shared with me what she loves about the design process of it all. 

"I love to create new designs. I find it exciting how I can start with a blank page and then end up with a finished product that not even I knew where I was going with it! I have always worked organically, just going where the idea takes me next. I never really have a plan of what the design will turn out like, I just keep building upon an idea until I feel it is complete...definately not a linear thinker!!! I also really like to see what clients have created using my packages. Sometimes, I get pictures of the cakes they have had made to match the invitations or maybe the birthday boy or girl smiling ear to ear, party hat on, and first birthday cake all over their faces and maybe a crumb or two in their nose! I love that I get to play a part in their special day."

I also adore that she's an Etsy seller with integrity! When I asked her what she oddest request was she told me that she one had one that complimented her work and then pretty much asked her if she could make a card from a picture, it was a picture of a card someone else had made. She wondered why if they liked the card so much they didn't just buy it from the person who made it in the first place, ummm me too.

"Everyone has their own style and we should appreciate all our creative processes. What inspires us is our unique creativity and we should all strive to keep it that way."

Tania not only does kid stuff, but shower packages and more. Please go check her out, leave her some Etsy love, and encourage this creative momma to keep on creating. I can't wait to share with you guys what she's designed for Drew's party! Thank you so much Tania for letting me profile you, your shop and for working back and forth, back and forth, back and forth with my for my little man's big day.

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tot.ful mem.o.ries said...

thank you so much for your kind words barbara!

I am currently working on the package so you will see the finished product shortly :)