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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Invitation Photoshoot

So I needed a photo to send to Tania for the package she is doing for Andrew's 1st Birthday Party, and of course as usual I'm a little anal.

Since the invite colours are red, brown and blue I wanted to make sure the picture would match, so out comes the likely slightly too small red shirt from the summer, it's amazing what a onesie under it can do! I think that either one of these will do just fine, I sent them both away and we will see which one she picks to use.

In quilting news, don't people who know me and know I quilt also know that I've been off the entire year. I have only had a couple of sold quilts while I have been off. Number of people who have talked to me in the last week about ordering one (they are all the name quilt too, people love it), seven! Yes seven, really people. I only have 5 weeks left before I go back to work, guess my nights after bedtime are about to get very busy.

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Bethany said...

He's adorable! And yay for your quilt orders :)