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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Please Mr. Mailman, hurry up!

I was on Etsy doing a little shopping for some upcoming custom name quilts, I told you these things are in demand. They are great, and I'm glad that people are enjoying them.

This one is going to be for Cadence who is in JK and goes to the same playgroup as Andrew on her days off.

This is the set that Candence's big sister Emma picked for her name quilt. The rest is going to be used for a projec that my friend Claudia has ordered for a babe in her family.

This last set is going to make a name quilt for Tania's new nephew. Tania is the amazing lady who is designing Andrew's birthday party printables! I love that she enjoyed my work so much that she wants to purchase a quilt.

So if the postman could just hurry up, I could take a trip to the local fabric store, match the colours for the centre/back/binding and get to work on these.

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