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Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick and easy . . .

After not being at the sewing machine for literally months, when I decided on Wednesday that I was going to make not one but two quilts for a first birthday we are attending tomorrow, I needed a quick and easy pattern. This was it! Of course when in doubt and not feeling my own creativity pulsing through, the Moda Bake Shop is the best place to go. The finsihed result, two great gifts for a little girl who is turning one! (And whose mother better have heeded the warning on Facebook for her to stay away from the blog today!)

Wednesday night, 7pm. Decide to make a quilt. Go online and find the great pattern from the shop. 8pm, cut and sew, cut and sew, cut and sew, and spray baste in the basement. Make the binding and go to bed! Thursday was quilt, quilt, quilt and by late that afternoon I had both done and in the washing machine. I can't believe it. I even had my first attempt at applique. I have to say, that I'm calling the stitching on the name very "organic" which is my name for ugly! But I went over it all a couple times so that it looked like it was suppose to be the hot mess that it turned out to be, and well it does kinda work. Literally nothing I can do about it now, so I'm going with it.

And while I have never taken pictures in the snow, it was so nice and perfect out this morning, with no signs of staying this lovely, so I thought I would try! I will be updating with more pictures once Naomi has her lovely quilt, all packed up with a cute little Cabbage Patch Baby so go with the smaller version.


Jeannie said...

Verry sweet! Is the small one a doll quilt?

Jeannie said...

Whoops, I missed the last sentence. That's a cute idea to send a doll with it!