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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year - New Donation

When I first started quilting I had dreams of success that really never materalized. The more I did the more I realized that I enjoyed it more for the creativity than anything else, sharing my little projects with others via this blog, as well as the smiles that the end results brought to others when they recieved them as a gift.

So in 2011 I resolve to do more just for the heck of it. I may offer a few things up the my Etsy shop but even those will come with the stipulation that the money will be used as a donation to The Gracie Jane Project. I will quilt for the enjoyment, and because I have much more than most and I need to give back.

I have several quilts being packed-up for the hospital but this post is about another donation.

I first read about Baby Molly as I was browsing on my Ipod. I often read just the headlines but as soon as I saw this little face I had to read the entire article. Baby Molly is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. After being diagnosed on Christmas Eve she has been in the hospital since, and the kicker for me is that she's only 1 month old. I have been following her website and wondering what I can do. A monetary donation is not in the cards, but for sure I can craft, so here it is . . .

I hope that the family will find it comforting, and I really do hope that Molly makes it through this difficult time. Hop on over to her website, you can see updates on how she is doing and find your own way to give just a little something to this family, if it were one of us we would hope someone would want to help right?

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Carol said...

What a challenging start to life. Love the quilt you made.