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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handmade Pay-it-Forward, Kinda!

So while checking my Facebook for the hundredth time yesterday I noticed that Ariel was having a little "Handmade Pay-it-Forward" challenge. You had to be one of the first five to post on her message and to also agree to so your own little handmade love to others as well.

I was almost devistated when I thought that I had not gotten in on it, but decided to do one myself as well, but I didn't make others agree to do it as well, I just opened it up and waited for my friends to fight to reply first. Yes I'm vain enough to want to believe that they were frantically typing trying to be one of the top five, it's good for my self esteem! Even better for my happiness was that Ariel then sent me a message that I had indeed made it into her top five, and boy is that a score, have you seen the things she makes!

Here are the lovely ladies that were quick to reply. It's neat because I a lot of them in completely different ways. Some I have known since we were 4, others I have known only for about 4 months. And I'm sure that almost all of them are going to be extremely happy with me when they find out that I took pictures off their facebook and posted them here! Sorry ladies, but remember that you are getting the better end of this deal.



I designed a little questionnaire for them to fill out and return to me, just to make them work for their present. I have all of 2011 to get this done but I have a feeling that it won't be long before I start working on my first project. I think that the hardest part is going to be whose gift to work on first! Any great tutorials you see, pass them along, I'm going to need some serious resources for this.

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