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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First quilt with a name.

So normally I don't name my quilts, but more and more as I see others coming up with endless creative names for theirs I want to try and do that as well. Last post I had unfinished pictures of "Princess Jungle", and here is the finished quilt.

As you can see up close the painter's tape really does help keep me on track with my lines, and I really won't go back to trying on my own! It's not worth the headache and it's not worth the disappointment when I cannot get it quite right and end up tearing out line after line.

So where's is this little beauty going? It's headed off to wait the arrival of my husband's friend Darryl's first babe. Hailey is set to make her debut around the second week of April, in the states. I can't wait for them to see it. They have a "lollipop jungle" bedroom set so I drew my inspiration from the pictures I saw on line of the bedding etc. I love the colours, and I love that it's not too pink, but seems like just enough. I hope that little Hailey enjoys it when she gets here.


Ariel said...

I love it! and the tape is a great idea...I'll have to try it. I was avoiding quilting straight lines, but that looks pretty easy!

Sarah said...

ooh! pretty!