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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green, the new blue or pink!

Pink and blue are so over-rated, green is where it's at. Thanks to two very sweet friends of mine I can indulge in more of my favourite colour. After having just a horrible day, the two suspects stopped by the mall where I was manning a booth selling raffle tickets for my organization. They had a bag in their hand, a very large bag, it was suspicious, and it didn't take me long to figure out why they had little smirks on their faces as they walked over to me.

This, incase you don't recognize it, is the perfect diaper bag. One that I have had my eye on since we found out we were having another baby. I have scoured Ebay, Target (when I'm in the States, they don't ship to Canada, they should!), and lots of other places to find it for a reasonable price. Perfection does still need to be within reason. Good friends know just what you need, and this is what I needed. Filled with diapers, wipes and onesies, they really did shock me into tears. What they didn't count on was the obsession it would spur to make things to go in the bag that match!

What a better line to use than Tula Pink - Flutterby which I just received in the mail and which is almost the last known in existance so I am assured by quilt shop owner/mother of such famous fabric designer. Isn't it just all perfect? The bag, the burp cloths, the quilt for playgroups etc. I'm pretty sure I'm in love.

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Ariel said...

AWW! GREAT friends! what a sweet surprise...and the quilt is SO neat! I love the geometry of it. Very cool!