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Thursday, November 12, 2009

This quilt is finding its perfect home!

I'm almost positive that the person who is getting this does not check my blog . . . . well I hope anyways. I made the following quilt in April, it was the very first quilt for which I had followed a pattern, and used one of the fat quarter packs that I had been getting monthly at the time from The Fat Quarter Shop.

So since it has been finished I have not had "that person" that I've wanted to to gift it to. It's got a pretty special place in my crazy quilting heart and I just didn't want it to end up anywhere. I'm finally happy to say that "that person" arrived in the world Thursday November 5th at 2:50am much to the surprise of just about everyone.

Melanie Jean Wellington is the third child of a friend that I have had since the first days of grade school. Karyn really has seen me through the good, the bad, the ugly and the rest of it. She was my matron of honour at my wedding, she's the first person I call with good news or bad. She was my inspiration to get help during my post partum despression. I have never really thanked her for all of this, but I'm hoping this quilt for Melanie will say it.

Melanie is the first of Karyn's babies that I have not been able to photograph just hours after birth due to the swine flu restrictions in the hospitals here. But I am headed home to my parents tonight, the Wellington family has been warned to pick a time tomorrow to let me desend upon them, camera, presents and all. I can't wait to show you this little one, with a few props that I've been dying to use, and of course with her new quilt too.

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