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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm alive . . . . I think.

Okay I need to get back to at least once a week postings . . . but I'm tired. Between the puppy, the 3 year-old, growing a baby, and getting ready for next weeks move, I've had it.

We've had the ultrasound, we are not finding out what the baby is. It's funny, some people are really excited that it's going to be a surprise, and others really seem almost offended that we're not going to find out and tell them if it's a girl or a boy.

I keep wondering why they are so invested in it, it's our baby, but oh well, c'est la vie. I'm trying no longer to let my hormones affect me on this issue to the point where I want to scream at them "I want the surprise, if this is my last baby, then I want to be surprised, just leave me alone!" I have yet to actually scream that at someone, but it runs through my head each time they say "Oh . . . you're not finding out."

Ahh the joys of hormones.

Here is the pic of our little one. We asked for chest up so that there would be on one guessing what they think they see between the legs, or don't see for that matter. If you are a wizard and can tell by the face what it looks like, then well good for you, keep it to yourself! Just kidding.

Onto better things, the house closes next week, we have a gap of two days, so that we can move everything out. I'm hoping that it goes smoothly, and more than anything I'm looking forward to my unfinished space in the basement where I can set up my machine and maybe turn out a few things before Christmas. My poor Betty hasn't seen the light of day in months.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Sounds like you have your hands full. Your baby is beautiful. How lucky you are to be able to see this. What a precious gift. Hang in there.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

oh my goodness, i am right there with you... on all accounts! trying to keep up with everyday life, feeling exhausted with pregnancy, and having a surprise gender baby :) hang in there mama! i love the ultrasound pic of your sweet little baby!!

Rebecca said...

I felt the same way when I was pregnant with my daughter! My mother in law REALLY wanted a grandson. We had a 10 week ultrasound picture and she was sure that we were having a boy from that. Haha.