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Monday, November 9, 2009

Is November suppose to be this busy?

I thought that December was the month that was suppose to be busy, but it seems that November might do us in before we reach the holiday season. So where to start. The house, we have sold the house and we have bought a house (on the same street!), and the move will be December 3rd, so it's time to start packing.

This is my hubby finally graduating as a Certified General Accountant! It literally years of work for him, and I'm so proud and a little relieved that it is all over, until he decides that there is something else he wants to attain.

And of course who can forget that we are growing a baby! This is me, this morning, 19 weeks. We have our ultrasound tomorrow and we will NOT be finding out what we are having, but I'll take guesses if you really want to try. Lets hope that November will slow down enough that we can start packing the house up and enjoying some these amazing fall days that we've been having here in Western Ontario.


Ariel said...

first of all, you look ADORABLE! I'm putting in my guess at another BOY! CONGRATS on the sale of your house and purchase of a new one! And also congrats to your hubs! I'm sure he feels great!

Deborah said...

congrats! what a lot you have going on!

moomunchy said...

You look fabulous.