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Friday, July 17, 2009

The GracieJane Project

So here it goes! My new project. We all know quilts are among the most comforting of household items, and they are a traditional baby gift providing warmth and security early on. But quilts never seem to lose the feeling of home. Well into adulthood, they retain their nurturing qualities as easily as they do body heat. The GracieJane Project will be taking on the task of donating mini-quilts to newborns in the neonatal intensive care units of hospitals in Ontario. Infants brought into intensive care are more than likely born pre-term and face a host of medical challenges. The quilts will be given to welcome them into the unit that they can have during their stay and then take home with them. We hope that the quilts will provide a little comfort for families during an extremely stressful time.

You've all seen her here before! Gracie Jane was born at 36 weeks, but only weighted 3lbs. 14oz. She was from the start thankfully and continues to be a healthy little girl.

I have touched base with our first hospital and they are willing to be part of this project. I just need to work out some details and of course get sewing! I hope you will hope on over to the project's blog and see what's going on! Wish me luck, I'm a little nervous about what I'm getting myself in to.


SewCalGal said...

What a great purpose, for a greater cause. Each quilt will certainly help bring good cheer and comfort. One step at a time may look daunting, but you'll touch the lives of many.

Thank you for doing this!


Becky said...

I donate quilts and crocheted/knitted blankies to a similar cause here in Mo. Not quite as needed but as much appreciated. They go to the Operation Baby Love group that makes take home packages for all the families that have babies through/with Fort Leonard Wood. Love making things for a cause. Every little bit helps to make a big difference! (I tend to make way more in the winter so I send them the extras...I tend to give away or have a recipient in mind during the summer, but love projects while watching tv which builds up a stash of projects)

Tracy said...

What a beautiful project to tremendous purpose, Barbara! I know you will create something very special that will mean a lot to some little body... I'm off to go seem more. Thanks for spreading the word!I love crafting for charity too--it is so rewarding to help others and make a difference ((HUGS))

chq said...

What can we do to help? Do you need fabric? If so, where do we send it? If you have told us how to help, and I've missed it because I was mesmerized by the photo of little Gracie...pls forgive me. How can I help?


Vivian said...

What a worthwhile project. Thank you for doing this.