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Monday, July 20, 2009

HELP! It takes a village right?

If this on-line quilting villiage is as big as I think that it is, I might just be in the right spot. As some of you might have read last week I am launching a new non-profit called The Gracie Jane Project. I need some help, I have a lot of scaps at home that I'm planning on using for the quilts, but I could use more, if I want this project to grow as much as I think that it needs to.

So what can you do? Blog about the project, if you don't mind? Or if you have the ability and the scraps, donate them our way. Pre-cut scraps would be amazing, if you're anything like me you have 5 squares left from a charm pack, 10 strips left from a jelly roll or honey bun, or some turnover pieces. Anything that you could send would be greatly appreciated.

And if my little rant isn't convincing enough, here is Gracie Jane the day after she was born. If this was your babes, you know you would love something special to wrap them in.

I really have this project in my head 24/7 at the moment. I've already finished a couple quilts that I will put up on the project site this week. There is nothing more helpless than a baby in distress, and it breaks my heart to think of it.

I'm already working on a tag for the quilts that will include the name/organization who donated the material for the quilt given. Just a way to show the families that it's not just me, there are others out there who are willing to help on behalf of someone they don't even know.

Hey and we had our first open house on our house this weekend! We had 6 people go through, no bites yet, but who knows, we are hoping that it sells fairly quickly, but that also means we have to get our butts in gear and find something we like to move into.

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