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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something to feel good about

Yes I need something to feel good about! We listed our house last week and the entire process so far has been overwhelming. Signing the papers, getting the house in a condition it hasn't seen since we moved in, trying to explain the William where most his toys are! I spent last night painting the little main floor bathroom.

Did you know that Tinkerbell Green is not appealing to most potential buyers? Drifting Dunes is, aka Boring Beige.

So in the midst of all this and all the things on my to-do list that seem they will never get done, I need something to creat that will be apprecaited by someone else. My idea? Small mini quilts for a couple NICUs in the province.

I love the quickness of small blanket/quilts, and well after reading an article online about how beneficial is it for the baby and the family, I really want to be able to try this on as a signature project.

I have already contacted a couple places, we'll see what happens.


moomunchy said...

That is wonderful. You are so creative!

Ariel said...

these are beautiful! Your quilting looks cozy too!

jaybird said...

good luck with all the house stuff!! the quilts are precious!