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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Leisa! Stop Reading! This Means Now!

Now that that is out of the way, we can continue. For all of you who need an explaination (I would!) Leisa is a dear friend of mine who is expecting her first child in June. I've been working away this entire weekend on a few gifts for her baby shower and of course I want to share them, but I also don't want her to see them. She has been sent an e-mail to confirm that she's banned from the blog until further notice, we'll see if she actually listens to me!

So without futher notice, here are the gifts . . .

Her nursery is jungle theme and while I wanted to stay with the theme the thought of doing fabric with animals on it really didn't appeal to me, so I thought the Arcadia line would be perfect, and I think that it is. One larger quilt for bigger use and one smaller one to the stoller and car seat. I also on this project discovered the world of Basic Jelly Rolls from Moda! Who knew? Seriously. I have been using Jelly Rolls of collections for a bit, but had no idea that there were basic colours out there. No more cutting my own sashing (by the way I can't cut a straight line to save my life). I could actually look like a quilter now, or at least my work could.

I also spent a good part of the weekend with Market Envy. Ohh to have been at the Moda table during their free spree, or to be there to see the new patterns, fabrics and of course to meet the lovely designers as well. A girl can dream can't she.

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Ariel said...

oooooh!!! She is going to faint when she opens these least I would! They are simply gorgeous. I love that you didn't use animals :) The colors speak for themselves! COOL!