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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Babies Make My Eggs Cry!

A few posts ago I featured a picture of a pink quilt that I was putting the binding on for Baby Alana. This weekend I got to see the quilt in action!

I love seeing things that I make in use, and not just because I'm there, but because whoever gets it really appreciates it. Of course I couldn't just take one picture, I had to do an entire shoot with Alana, who cooperated very well.

For all those serious quilters, you might recognize the basket here. At one point it contained a lovely set of Sandi Henderson fat quarters, and now is the perfect size for a 3 week old baby! Who knew? Okay I did, that's why I brought it along.

So the title of my post is completely true. New babies make me long for baby #2 in our house. My dear husband is just too practical for my need, he wants another too but we need a bigger house, and this and that, and on and on and no new baby for me, yet. Maybe if I show him these pictures they will make him ache as well? You think? No, me neither.

On the creating front, things have been a little slow, I put together my first stacked coins top on the weekend, but I'm not completely sure how to quilt it, since I still haven't mastered stipple which would look great on it. So I will wait until something comes to me. I also am about to cut up all the stuff for the custom order that I've been comissioned to do, wish me luck!

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Liz said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful quilt, beautiful baby. Sigh.