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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frantically Sewing

I think that the hard part about getting ready for the Mom 2 Mom sale is wondering if I've made enough of everything. I'm working on my last batch of dribblers at home which just need to be stitched around the edges and then have their snaps hammered on (good agression therapy), and I think that I'm done bean bags, maybe another quilted blankie to be added to the listing.

Will they sell? Or will I go away with enough stuff to give away to babies I know for years to come? If nothing else, I will know that I've made something that I'm proud of and my name is getting out there. This was never a "quit your day job" idea, just something to give me an outlet. I guess I'm just too scared to fail.

A couple weeks ago when we celebrated an early Easter with my family I brought little Gracie an entire collection of dribblers, with the understanding that she would have to model each one for me so I could take product pictures. Here is how they turned out . . . .


shelia said...

the bibs are so cute...the baby even CUTER!!!! she is darling

Tracy said...

The dribblers are terrific, Barbara! And Gracie models them sooo well! I think fear of failure hits us all at one time or another. But we never know how something will go unless we try! :o) Hoping your sale will be a great success and meet lots of creative people and happy buyers! Happy weekend ahead... ((HUGS))