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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Barista Made My Day

So the Starbucks in our neighbourhood, and devilishly on my way to work, opened about a year ago. A couple times a week I go in before work and get the exact same thing. Grande, no water, extra hot Tazo Chai Latte. Same since day one. I also bring my own lovely quilted sleeve for my cup so I don't waste another cardboard one each time I go.

Today they got it all right! Not only did the barista working remember exactaly what I wanted and rang it in and called it out before I hit the till. She also remembered that I didn't need a sleeve (I always have to do some reminding before they sneakily slip one of their's on!).

So thank you to the lovely barista at my local Starbucks for making me feel like I'm worth remembering!

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