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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Literacy Day - Let's Read!

Reading has been a big thing with us since William was born. I have pictures of my husband laying on the bed, on William's second day home, reading "Spot Loves His Daddy" to him. There are books upstairs, and books downstairs and books in both the cars. When nothing else works we sit down and read. So today we're celebrating Family Literacy Day.

The pictures above were taken at our early Christmas, William roped Katie into reading one of the books he had just opened. I'm pretty sure that she had to read it no less than 10 times. We always start off with a kiss, that's the only way Mommy will read, that way I get my daily quota of kisses from my whirl wind boy. We try and always end with a kiss too but that doesn't always work out as well, as he's off to either get another book, or to play with something that has caught his eye while he was sitting.

I can't say enough about books. I love them, George not so much but he reads in other forms. Love You Forever by Robert Munsch is the book that every little baby I know gets from me, so look out Leisa, don't go buying your own copy! So take a moment today, and read, to a little one, to yourself, to your pooch, just read.

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Tracy said...

Such sweet photos! Books and babies...can never start with them too early ;o) Lovely post...Happy weekend to you all ((HUGS))