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Monday, January 19, 2009

My First Giveaway

Okay in a lame attempt to gather a few more followers I'm doing what I see everyone else doing . . . a giveaway. Now not that I have much to give away, but I do have these three great Amy Butler patterns that were gifted to me by a friend, but which I'm not really experienced enough to apprecaite!

So what will you have to do to win these beauties? Well in order to really peak some interest in what I have to say and create, you will have to scan over my posts and find your favouite picture, and tell me the reason why.

I will close this little experiment on the 29th, and annouce the winner on the 31st! Post this to your own personal blog and I'll add another 4 chances for you to win. Let's see what this brings . . . . .


erika~ the inspired mama said...

oooh, what a fabulous little giveaway!! i would be thrilled to win :)

i LoVe your photos in the "i can't stop" post! especially the little birdie burp cloth! that is one of my very favorite color combinations... and i am pretty partial to little birds :)

i will go add this to my giveaway page on my blog!


Stacey said...

ok, I love your quilt, the colors are awesome, and I have no good color coordination, sad to say. and I just took up quilting, can you say NOT GOOD!!!! well, I am Stacey, nice to meet you, I like your blog, gonna add you to my blogroll. Please enter me in..

Anita said...

Hi! I found you through ravelry. Welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you will enjoy the journey. :)

It won't be long till you will be able to appreciate Amy's patterns. Your quilt is lovely!

Tracy said...

Hello, Barbara! It was fun to meet you this week. Thanks so much for joining in on my Valentine Giveaway--for it led me here to your lovely blog! And you have a marvelous creative place happening here. I admire you variety to needle crafting and quilting, sense of color and texture, and not least your photos! Choosing a favorite photo though...that was hard, I have to say, for ALL of your photos are excellent, each having a special quality. But I'd have to say that from your "Early Christmas" post, dated Tuesday December 9,. 2008, I love that photo of you grams holding two very sweet little ones. The colored baubles on the tree "pop" in relation to the overall gray tones, giving a lot of warmth and dimension--it's a very happy picture in all, but how you've composed it makes it even more heartwarming. Really sweet and special to the festive season. But your giveaway is such fun. Who doesn't love an Amy pattern?! Thanks for the chance...And Happy Days :o)

Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Barbara,
Thanks for stopping by my blog for the give-away. Glad you're having a give-away too...your blog is great. Love all your new sewing projects. Don't worry, binding looks hard, but it's not that bad. If you need help, let me know. My goal someday is to start knitting. Looking over your blog, the picture that hit me was of your grandma's strawberry dessert. It reminds me of my mom's "green jello salad". She only made it for Thanksgiving and now that tradition is passed down to me. Good memories.
Have a good night,

Shiree said...

Hi Barbara,

welcome to blogland, I have recently started blogging also, and particularly in the last few weeks I have become so addicted to surfing thru hundreds of interesting blogs, it is so hard to keep up as so many clever people are doing so many wonderful things.
And for your first quilt, this is marvelous! What an inspiration.
Your giveaway is a really clever idea too,

cheers, Shiree

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway! The Nappy Bag has been on my wishlist for quite sometime now.

BTW, I love the quilt you made in your previous post. I wish I had the time/patience for quilting. Although that is the one project I would like to tackle this year.

Marit said...

I have enjoyed to visit your blog, and will love to take part in your give away. I think the picture of your first finished quilt is great. You have done a good job!
But I also think the pictures of your little boy, knitting with his toes is adorable!