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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Has anyone seen Vanna's Silver Grey?

Okay close to Christmas, and so I'm a little manic to begin with. I've been working on a lovely blanket for my friend Angela in Sweden. Angela and I have been "pen pals" since highschool. Yes back in the day when you acutally had to write, on paper, and wait for the response to come in your actual mailbox at the post office. Does anyone even remember how that all works?

Angela has a lovely little girl named Ebba-li, and is expecting her second in the new year. I can't wait to get the e-mail that says the little one has arrive, although I have many months to go. I remember getting one for Ebba-li's birth and looking at the pictures over and over, wondering what this friend of mine was going through. I cherish her friendship very much.

I digress! So I'm trying in vain to finish this blanket and I have run out of Vanna's Choice Silver Grey. I figure I'll just get more . . . . 3 Michaels stores later, in 3 different cities, there is none to be found. The one store that actually carried that colour was all sold out, the other two had limited selections of her stuff to begin with. Where the heck did I get this stuff to begin with, it's not the first time I've used it for a blanket.

So, Vanna if you read this, send me some yarn, yours is the only that I use (completely true, I adore how the colours go together so well without much thought on my part). Send lots, that is my Christmas wish! It's cold in Sweden, this baby will need a blanket!

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