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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Early Christmas

My lucky parents usually traspe off each year of to Florida with my cousin and her family for a couple weeks. This year is no different, so Christmas came early. I'm sure that everyone has their family traditions, and of course we do as well. Ours are like most others are a little quirky but they are ours. The first is that my dad makes the stuffing, no one else is allowed to even attempt this, and so we don't. Lately it's been turning out a bit mushy for my liking but I can't convince him of that.

Then there is the Vernors. My Papa loved this stuff, and no matter what, even if no one drinks it, and we often don't we have to have a bottle or some cans of it on the table. This year when I realized that we didn't have any up there as we started dinner, I left my poor dad on hands and knees searching through the closet to find at least one can!

The last but not least is my Grandma's strawberry dessert. It only gets made once a year, and while that's not enough of course she's good to keep doing it as it's a rather "diddly" process as she says!

And of course more than anything else it's the family time we get together. My grams is 84 this year and while I feel so lucky to have had her so long in my life, I feel even more greatful that William is getting to have her in his life as well. There's nothing better . . .

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