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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The BEST Christmas call ever!

With a title like that it might be easy to imagine that I'm going a little overboard . . . . I am not. It takes a lot for me to get excited some days, and well today that excitement came in the way of an answering machine message from my friend Leisa.

First of all Leisa never calls. I never call her either so we're even! She is just about the easiest friend to have in the world. We met in college and I think that the feeling of having known each other forever set in after about 5 minutes. Ever since then she has been my sounding board for all life's major things. She listened to me cry over our mutual like for Michael Bell many a times. She protected me from her roommate when I came from from a date with a bartender named Jay that her roommate thought should have been asking her out. And she has eaten many a tub of Ben & Jerry's Bovinity Divinity with me, before they sent it to the ice cream graveyard. She got to eat the white cows and I got the brown ones.

She was there to stand up with me on my wedding day. There to hold William on her wedding day. She has never once disappointed me when I needed her most.

We're both crazy, it might be why we get along so well. She won't mind me telling you that, I don't think (do you mind???). She is also just a great person. She is strong, talented, beautiful, and a tell it like it is person. There's no need to be anyone but yourself around her, no judgement, and I think that's very hard to find these days.

So, back to the call. I get home after a long day of being in and out of place after place filled with insane holiday shoppers, and I press play on the answering machine. "Hey Doddy it's me!" Me heart literally leaps because like I said before, Leisa doesn't call. After listening to the message several times, crying after each time, I stop, write down the number, and proceed to try and call my mom and dad in Florida to tell them . . . . . Leisa and Ryan are having a baby!

I can't think of better person to raise a well-rounded, self-assured, giving, loving, caring person than Leisa. I can't wait to see what the next 6 months of pregnancy brings for her, and I am already counting down the days until June 23rd (is that right? I think that's what the message said) until the Davie Bean makes it's way into the world.

I will be sending presents, soon! I'm already wracking my brain on what to make, or buy, or write, or paint for this little one. One present on the 23rd of each month until it gets here seems to be a good idea (Leisa, this month's will be a little late, I just started on it tonight.)

Seriously, the BEST Christmas call ever!

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