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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My two favourite things!

I almost shreiked this morning when I landed at my local Starbucks and saw their holiday decorations up. I love them, every year they strike me as unique, fun and what I would want if I excessively decorated my house. Even more to my delight this year, they used yarn! Ahh my passions combine. Never of course would I have thought on my own to use balls of yarn in my holiday decorating, but now . . .

So in honour of their newly decorated store, and newly introduced holiday menu I deviated from my usual grande no water, extra hot Tazo chai, and got a tall, 4 pump, gingersnap latte. It was worth every penny. Thanks to my local Starbucks workers who tried not to notice while I took various pictures of their decorations. I know they thought I was odd, and will likely look at me funny every morning for a little while, but look at the picture I had to capture it!

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Cheri Oates said...

When are you coming to my house to decorate? :)