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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cats can't colour!

Okay so how do you explain to a two year old that cats can't colour? This morning as we were doing our getting ready routine William was desperate to colour, so we got out the Diego floor pad, the crayons and we coloured. Somewhere along the way our cat Tilly arrived on the sceen. And when I say arrived ON the sceen I mean literally ON the floor pad, right in the middle of the picture we were colouring.

William immediatly handed a crayon to her and said "colour Tilly". My first reaction of course was to laugh, which I did, and then to try and explain that cats can't colour before his frustration set in. Tilly tried to do her part, she batted the crayon around for a moment or two before losing interest. I told William that kitties can't colour because they don't have hands, they have paws. Where did that get me? It got me sitting with my son explaining that his feet (still in his footie pjs) were not paws!

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Brook said...

Great story, cool blog, and good-lookin' products! Very cool to hear about this business, Barb, and I hope it grows as fast as Will does. :)

Looking forward to hearing more at Christmas...