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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inspired but tired!

So I just returned from 2 1/2 days of intensive seminars at the 2008 Congress for the Association of Fundraising Professionals. I am inspired by all I learned, but dead tired and in need of a break with my boys (which of course won't come until the weekend!).

There must be something said for being in a room with your peers and hearing the stories you have professionally yourself. There also must be something said for all those in that room who were so self-important that during the breaks they were immediately on their phones or texting the office. I don't care who you are, the office will survive without you, and you don't need to be negoitating the price of BCE stocks for your charity at this exact moment.

Of course, while I did love the opportunity, it meant that one of the only things I could think about in my downtime was William and how he was making out at his first stay with Grandma and Papa. He did great, of course, but I'm still the mommy and can't wait to get home tonight (unfortunately after he's sleeping!) and just stare at him for a while.

I looked at this picture at least twice a day just wishing to be home, and of couse a few warmer days wouldn't hurt either.

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