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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back to the knitting

Back to the reason I started this blog, the knitting. There really is nothing better to me than finding a collection of colours that seem perfect together. Equally as good is seeing the look on someone's face when they finally get their creation in hand, or the pictures they post on facebook with their little one all wrapped up in a williamGeorge!

My William often tries to help me knit. Sometimes this means sitting beside me on the couch and holding the end of one of the needles as I work away, other times he really wants to have the entire project to himself. This morning he wanted the later! I couldn't resist getting out the camera to see what would come of it. Now as most of you mommies out there can imagine, Daddy does not think of this as a very manly thing, good thing I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know this blog exists, as won't ever see the proof that I'm really going to turn this little boy into a "textile artist" before the age of 5.

As you can see it goes from knitting to not knitting very quickly! That is part of the fun of it all. I love creating, and I hope that what I create will leave a lasting impression with those who buy it, or are gifted it. As with all who create either jewellery, quilting, etc, a very large part of us it put into the piece that we make. Take a look at those around you who have put the effort into making something for you, and then think about what part of them you'll always have with you.

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