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Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall knitting . . . .

It's been a bit of a break yes, but I would love to get back to blogging and what better to start with than a few of my favourite fall knitting patterns from Ravelry!

Top three? Well that might be hard to narrow down but maybe I can try.

3. The Purl Bee - Chevon Baby Blanket 
Hands down easy and stylish, chunky and warm. The perfect size for gifting or cuddling. Here is one of the versions that I have made before.

Also a classic and so fun for boys. I love the double up as it keeps those little ears warm. Knit with a great superwash for durability. 

1. The Pixie Hat
If you've got a little one in your life or know someone who is expecting this quick knit is always a great choice. Solids or a mix, different ribbing? It is so easy to personalize this one.

So what are you doing these cool fall days?

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