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Monday, February 10, 2014

What comes to mind when you think of the smell of coffee brewing?

I have been using a few different apps to prompt me on things to write about, not only for blogging but also to be able to expand what I’m writing about and try and to explore new techniques.

So the three I’m currently juggling between are Askt, Q&A Journal and 365 Topics. I’m not in love with any one of them yet, which is why I have three! I miss writing, but sometimes you need a topic, sometimes there’s just nothing I need to say, or nothing that I want to admit on written paper or screen.

Today I got the above question, ‘what comes to mind when you think of the smell of coffee brewing’, and it brings me back to specific times and places. Both during the same part of my life, both separate geographically by about 300km.  Early to mid 20’s, it was such a different life than the one we live now day to day with two children, a dog and full time jobs.

 If we were in Welland at his apartment it meant that he was 
actually brewing a pot of coffee, which he would do, I don’t drink coffee so it was a very distinct smell for me. It conjures memories of laying on the box spring and mattress on the floor of the bedroom, with nothing to do and no place to go. Warm and young, and in love in a way that only new love in your 20’s can be.

If we were in London at my place it would mean that we were at Starbucks, (where my obsession with it started), and that we were out separately reading the magazines from Chapters, together. Enjoying the life of weekend visits, trying to figure out where we were going, our career paths, how they would fit together and what this adventure would all turn out to look like. Surrounded by students, or other young professionals, or moms and their babies, or business men working on weekends. Everyone there for a different reason, but ours was always the same.

Now I don’t notice the smell anymore, we have a Keurig and so he does it a cup at a time, it doesn't give the same effect and I’m kind of glad because it if did the memories of the smell wouldn't be as evoking as they are. 

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