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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yep I'm a goalie mom!

So being a hockey mom was not a dream of mine, even with two boys. I grew up playing baseball and my husband grew up playing soccer so really in our house hockey was a passing thought (they may revoke our Canadian citizenship for typing that!). Until now . . .

Not only did I endure 1/2 a season as a hockey mom when boy 1 wanted to play late into the season, but now we are doing summer 3-on-3 hockey, and yep he's the goalie. He had been asking and we figured that at 10 weeks it's a great chance for him to try it out. But I was not quiet prepared about how I would feel everytime the puck came near him, how much for acute I would be while watching the game, and how I would hold my breath while he tried his best to save that little black piece of rubber.

Two games in and he loves it! He even received the game puck his first game from the ref for a game well played, and his first win. I'm so proud but I'm not sure my heart will be able to handle more than 10 weeks of this!

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