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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miss P.'s Birth - Doula Love

I haven't had a moment to write about the amazing birth that I was able to be part of three weeks ago today. I'm still smiling about it, and about the entrance of Miss P.

It started with the call around 4:30am from a bit of a worried sounding Mommy, she was sure her water had broke and she was positive she was in labour, not early labour, real labour. When I arrived at 5am yes she was, but was doing great, talking between contractions, walking around, finding different positions to find some comfort in.

A few hours later, a car ride to the hospital, an amazing effort from Mom to get herself to 7cm, and finally the need for an epidural to get her some relief we were able to take a break. I was so proud of mom! By 12:20 the epidural had done such a good job of relaxing her that she was at 10cm and ready to meet her babe.

With one nurse, one midwife and myself there was a feeling of calm as she gave a few pushes and this little one entered the world at 12:38pm with a little tiny cry. Mommy cut the cord herself, and put that baby on her chest like it was the most natural thing in the world. 3 hours later we were back at her house, baby settling in, and Momma having so well deserved watermelon.

I feel so prividged to have been part of this, to have learned from Mommy, baby and the nurses and midwife who were surround me. I am lucky to have been able to help give this strong young woman the experience she wanted, to have captured most of it in images she will cherish and show her daughter later. It is the best of both the worlds I love so much.

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