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Monday, October 17, 2011

Giveaway Time!

The weekend at the Hamilton Baby Expo was great, seeing people interested in my product was heartwarming. I even had one customer come there just for us, so that was more exciting than anything, (yes I gave her a little discount, I had to!).

The other exciting part of the show was seeing one of my favourite products and buying a stockpile.

I first saw these at another baby show about 2 years ago. I had bought a couple thinking they were neat. Oh lord, we haven't spent a summer yet that we don't pack one with us wherever we go! They are simply brilliant, and if you had kids who love freezies, they are a must.

Non-slip, non-sweating, and perfect for little hands. I now don't have to spend $5 worth of paper towels wrapping a freezie, only to have it get wet, fall off and have someone complaining in a wonderfull yet whiney four year old voice.

The other thing I love is this literally a one woman show, and what I didn't know until this weekend was she's my neighbour! Living right in our subdivision could be dangerous for me and her.

So the giveaway! I am giving away two packs of these. One large pack for those extra big kiddies and one set of smaller ones for little men like mine. Each pack is rainbow in colour so there's red, pink, green, blue and yellow.

Wanna win a pack? I know you do. Leave me a comment = 1 entry. Want another entry? Of course you do! Post our blog link to your Facebook and leave a comment there and I'll add another one for you. Closes Friday so hurry up!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant!!!!! I soooo want them!!!! Where have they been all my life?!?!?!

Sarah Roberts

slmclaughlin90 said...

These are brilliant! What a clever idea. My 4yr. old brother would go bananas over these lol no more cold little fingers :) Even if I dont win id love to pick up a pack for christmas (great stocking stuffers!).

Leah said...

These look amazing.. Me too Me too, I would like this please.. (as Jenna would say!!)

Lee MacInnis said...

Great idea! I would love one!

Amanda-Arbonne said...

These are amazing....what a great idea

Amanda Ryan

Anna said...

So smart! Yay for entrepreneurial moms!

Kathy T said...

What a great giveaway - these would be great stocking stuffers.