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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wow - the stats are unreal

So the more I read about birth while trying to become a doula the more I am astounded by the stats. Now I know there are more than stats in this world but really, some are harder to argue with than others.

One I found was that in the US and likely just as much in Canada interventions are used in more than 90% of births. WOW! I feel lucky to have had one without any (don't write me a letter, I had one with lots as well!).

I was also a little more than stunned to find that the on average a pregnancy lasts 41 week and 3 days. Makes me wonder sometimes about doctors taking babes early or enducing when there is no medical reason.

But again just my ramblings, nothing else, and well of course I did not have this information when having my own two, but I did have a great midwife that made all the difference. I guess what I'm learning is that if you don't know all you have to go on is the experience of either your care provider or someone close to you your trust. I wish I had of done more research when I was expecting.

So what do you know about birth that I don't? I'd love to hear it.

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