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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seeing double?

Umm, yep that's a second machine, same as the first. It's mom's. I confess I stole it on the weekend when I realized that there was something wrong with my machine and the stitches. Hers does this.

What a perfect stitch. I don't even think that I realized that mine was so off until I used hers. So it's on loan until they can get up here and Dad can clean it out and tinker it back to health.

I also used this for the first time ever!

Yep no cotton with this one, they did't have a colour that matched as well and I'm a stickler for matching my thread. So far, so good, maybe I don't have to be an all cotton snob afterall.

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Sarah said...

I was really impressed with the sewing store on Dalhousie by Alexandria park. Great tune ups on machines for a great price.
It's Gutterman thread, that will make up for the polyester :)