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Monday, March 21, 2011

Important vs. NOT Important

I will never understand why people can't see the bigger picture of what is important in life. A little while ago I blogged about a friendship that literally exploded on me, and well apparently one explosion is not enough. I ran into the person yesterday, in public, in our neighbourhood, and when asked if I wanted to talk, I said no, that I had come to terms with the situation and anything I had to say now was not productive for either of us.

I apparently hit a nerve and this well educated, mother of one, tried to play "The Real Housewives of Brantford" right there in public. I really underestimated the hurt this person must have suffered at some point in a previous friendship because the lava that then spewed from her with such disdain did not match the situation or the friendship that SHE has ended with me. I walked away not willing to engage in her behaviour or let her embarrass herself anymore.

We are 30somethings who should not be content to act out dramas the likes of 16 year olds. So for an ah-ha moment here is a picture of my grams with her first visit with my cousins (who she practially raised but for reasons beyond their control have not seen her in about 10 years!).

Her face says it all. That is what IS important.

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