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Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Talented Mom!

I've never revealed to you the talents of my mom! She has come into her crafty phase later in life but boy has she made up for lost time.

My mom and dad live in a little fishing village called Erieau. We've been going there since I was little and long before we had a "cottage" there (which is really 15 minutes away from the home that we lived in the rest of the year). When both my brother and I were off they sold the house in the other little village and moved to "the eau" full time.

My mom loves the beach and Lake Erie has been good to her as well, washing up all kinds of things for her to craft with. So every night she and our dog Casey scour the beach. Want to know what she finds? Beach glass, sand, old pottery.

Want to know what she makes with it?  These . . .

Already in a few months she has sold over $1500 worth of her pictures and I'm so proud of her. She even convinced my dad to convert the front hall area into a little shop for her. I just wanted her to know how proud of her I am and I wanted to entire crafty world that I get in touch with here to see what amazing things she makes.


Carol said...

Very pretty.

anniem said... husband worked many summers, while in university, at Rondeau Provincial Pk, as a park naturalist. Naturally I would be down at the park many weekends we'd drive around the area and Eireau is one of the places I remember going to. I probably haven't heard the name though since that time...and I'm not letting on how long ago it was. Ive been enjoying your blog for sometime so I thought this was as good a time as any to come out of lurkdom. Have a great rainy Wednesday.
Ann in Orangeville