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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shhhh... Mommy is quilting!

It is true enough I have managed to manage my time enough to get some quilting done for the upcoming show/sale that I'm in back home at the end of July.

Here are a few "Take-along to Tag-along" quilts that I've done. They are both about the same size, 34x38 and perfect for packing in the diaper bag, or having drugged though the house with one end balled up in toddler's fist.

"A Little Glace"

"Olde School House"

Don't get me wrong, there are still moments when I'm feeling so completely overwhelmes that only a good cry will do, but those are less and less. Andrew is a great baby, and it helps that we've kept William in "pre-school" 4 days a week. He really strives on the routine and Andrew gets the attention he needs. I've taken a lot of flack personally for that decision, but William is starting school in the fall and I don't need him to fall behind socially or otherwise because I brought him back home and then didn't have enough time to teach him.

I think that moral of the story here is that no matter what someone is going to have an opinion, I just need to decide if I care or not. That's a little harder said than done! Quilting is so much easier.

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