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Monday, February 22, 2010

Living in the basement . . .

Well not really, but that's where my sewing machine is, and now that hubby has hooked a TV up there and William has some of his ride around toys down there as well, it's a little easier for me to get some actual sewing done.

This is my finished Oddysea baby quilt, measuring about 34x40, so perfect for a new babe. The debate will rein on if it will stay in our house or be off to one of the many other babies that this year holds for our friends.

I wanted to post a better picture of this quilt as well. A full view. A little hard to be creative when you're stuck in the house. I swear the pictures will get better in the spring.
6 weeks until our little one makes it's debut. Visiting the midwife every 2 weeks now which makes it feel more real than ever. We have nothing ready, and I'm starting to feel the crunch of that . . . . hummmm nesting perhaps?


Ariel said...

nest away, friend! Your quilts are beautiful as always!

West Michigan Quilter said...

I "live" in my basement too. I keep trying to remember to call it my studio, but can't seem to get it through my head. It is where I create (the basement/my studio that is). LOL Enjoy.