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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is there enough time? Never.

As the belly gets bigger and the baby gets closer I feel like there's just not enough time to finish all the projects that I want to get finished. I also feel like we're not nearly as prepared for this baby as we were for the first. 6 weeks left, we need to paint, decorate and furnish the nursery! No biggie right.

Here is what the belly looks like with 6 weeks left, William had a great time doing his handprints!

I have gotten a couple things started. I'm becoming the queen of the unfinished project! A cute little baby quilt made with Odyssea by Momo for Moda. The pattern is from Bubba Chic and so simple!Funny picture? It's the area I work in, but at least I don't have to pull the machine out of the closet everytime I want to sew, so that's an improvement.


erika~ the inspired mama said...

very pretty belly!! i can totally relate to the not enough time issue... *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Wow, I could have written this post myself. 8 weeks ago and a whole lot to do... prioritising must begin now. Love the quilt, the colours are gorgeous!

Allison said...

I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only non-prepared feeling momma out there! I think its just second baby syndrome. :) I have so many projects and furniture I want painted and silly things that are totally not musts that I feel like HAVE to be done! SO silly. :) Cute belly pic and cute cute quilt! Keep it! THanks for saying hi and hope your feeling good! The rest of the time will fly!